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Villas Roumeli
 Grèce, Crete, Rethymnon, Panormo
Adresse: [Roumeli, Panormo, Rethymno, Crete, Greece]
Catégorie: [A' ClasseA' ClasseA' ClasseA' Classe]
Type: [Villas de Luxe]

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The newly constructed villa is located 20 kilometres away from the city of Rethιmno in a village called Roumeli which is built on a gorgeous green hillside. It is a picture perfect village to fill your dream vacation and also near the city of Rethimno which is filled with many travelers year after year.

Rethymno and Villa Roumeli are centrally located on Crete, which makes it very easy for visitors to travel quickly and conveniently either to the east side of Crete (towards Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos) or to the West side of Crete (Chania).

The population of the village Roumeli is approximately 350 permanent residents with a friendly atmosphere that will make your stay even more enjoyable than ever.

There is a variety of beaches nearby such as the beach in Panormo and in Perama. It is great to know you have choices and different sights to see for your magical relaxing holiday.

The village of Perama also contains a health center if needed and a fire department, which is very important to be aware of when traveling.

The location is just right because you can have your relaxing and worry free vacation and also have your energetic vacation you ask for.

The village is full of warmth and hospitality which is enjoyable and also very convenient because of the nearby city of Rethimno.

The city is full of all the necessities such as clothing shops, supermarkets, banks and anything else needed and great sights to see such as the beautiful nearby churches, the Cretan museums which shows the Cretan culture. The city is also full of different types of activities such as clubs, traditional Cretan taverns, and cafes.

Take advantage of the beautiful sites available in the island of Crete so that it can be a vacation to remember.

Places to visit in a very short distance from Roumeli:

  • Panormo is a fishing village which is 1 km away from Roumeli.  You can enjoy sea sports there and eat fresh fish in the local tavernas.
  • In a distance of 6 km is cosmopolitan Bali where you can enjoy swimming in one of its 3 beaches.
  • You can also visit the Greek Orthodox monastery of Atali (which dates since the 18th Century).
  • Margarites is the village where traditional pottery is made and it is only 10 km away from Roumeli.
  • You can also visit the archaeological site of Eleftherna at a distance of 15 km.
  • Melidoni is 3 km away where you can visit the historical cave.
  • The historical Greek Orthodox monastery of Arkadi is 18 km away, while the traditional village of Anwgia will offer to you the opportunity to taste traditional cretan products.

Distances :

Distance:NomKm ou mètres
AéroportHéraklion Aéroport Intarnational, Kazantzakis58 km
AéroportL' Aéroport de la Canée - Daskalogiannis70 km
PortThe Port of Rethymno20 km

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