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Elounda Beach Exclusive & Platinum Club
 Griechenland, Kreta, Lassithi, Elounda
Adresse: [Elounda, Lasithi]
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The Elounda Beach Hotel is situated on the North-East Coast of Crete, this exclusive resort offers breathtaking views over the Mirabello Bay. A unique oasis of luxury and excellent taste in 40 acres of colourful gardens combining excellent service, superb suites and award winning cuisine.

Abstände :

Distanz zu:NameKm oder meter
FlughafenFlughafen von Heraklion65 km
KrankenhausAg. Nikolaos Hospital7 km
KrankenhausCommunity Clinic2 km
BackbordThe Port of Heraklion68 km
BackbordThe Port of Agios Nikolaos-Crete7 km
Stadt oder DorfAgios Nikolaos Town7 km
Stadt oder DorfElounda Village2 km
Archäologischer AufstellungsortThe Great Palace of Knossos75 km
Archäologischer AufstellungsortThe Palace of Malia45 km
Archäologischer AufstellungsortLato20 km
StrandPrivateOn the Beach
Aufstellungsort des InteressesByzantine church of Panagia Kera20 km
Aufstellungsort des InteressesKritsa Traditional Village20 km
Aufstellungsort des InteressesLasithi Plateau20 km

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Dionyssos Gourmet Restaurant: Named after the hedonistic God of Wine, Dionyssos pleasingly lives up to the promise of indulging all your senses with its superb gourmet cuisine. The outstanding restaurant offers a superb blend of Mediterranean gastronomy with contemporary influences, served in an understated, yet highly exclusive atmosphere.

Wine Cellar: Representing 700 labels. Relish in the exciting experience of sampling our exquisite choice of wines, most of which you will probably have never tasted before, as our cellar includes some highly exclusive labels. Making the most of our great collection, we organize pleasurable wine tasting events that edify as well as tantalize, and we are happy to recommend the ideal wine to accompany your private dinner party.

Blue Lagoon Polynesian Restaurant & Sushi Bar: A chic, glittering atmosphere and delectable, authentic Polynesian tastes. Experiment with a plethora of the most refined and exotic flavours, which have captured the hearts of connoisseurs from around the world. Blue Lagoon, a gateway to the flavors and tastes of the Far East, proposes a plush treat for the senses and another excellent option for elegant dining. Its acclaimed Sushi Bar is of the highest standard, providing classic sushi cuisine as well as its own very original – and vibrantly memorable to the palate – renditions created by our uniquely charismatic chef.

Kafenion Greek Restaurant: Here you can sample the nutritious delights of the world-renowned Cretan cuisine. Pure, simple homemade-style delights are served in the quaint and laid-back setting of a traditional Greek village square, refreshingly shaded by olive trees and only a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Argonaut Seaside Restaurant: At Argonaut you will discover top-standard healthy and enticing Mediterranean snacks during lunch hours, whilst in the evening the sea-facing restaurant lures you with its splendid variety of fragrant Italian dishes, designed by our Italian chefs.

Artemis Restaurant: Let your senses float along the shimmering crystal blue view of the swimming pool next to the restaurant and its surrounding gardens, breathing in delicate breezes of colorful flowers as you enjoy your appetizing dinner and wine.

F’ Restaurant: Explore the tantalizing inventiveness of Mediterranean cuisine at ‘F’ restaurant, which has designed a discerning and distinguished menu that complements all tastes. Located at Elounda Bay Palace Hotel right by the water’s edge, both the romantic sea view and the ingeniously intricate flavors, drift you away to the most splendid parts of the Mediterranean.

Ariadne Taverna: Ariadne, a classic seaside taverna located at Elounda Bay Palace Hotel, is just what you need when you step right off the beach in search of a light a la carte lunch of grilled fish, meats, fresh delicious salads and other undemanding, yet appetizing regional dishes.

Thalassa Waterfront Restaurant: This glamorous restaurant located at Elounda Bay Palace Hotel, is known and loved for its flavoursome fish menu and gourmet seafood delicacies. Dining at Thalassa is a romantic and relaxing experience, as the restaurant is set right by the water’s edge overlooking the lit up bay, and gentle live music regularly accompanies pleasurable evening meals.

BARS Veghera Jetty Bar: Sitting at the bar, which is surrounded by sea, conjures the feeling of being on a glamorous private islet. Revitalizing and atmospheric music, refreshing cocktails ranging from the highly exotic to comfortingly classic, and a lively, friendly staff make Veghera the ideal place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink at sunset, or after dinner drinks that can take you to the early hours.

Lito Lobby Bar: Lito is a perfect place to unwind and harmonize with your surroundings, to the sound of melodious live piano or harp music, while enjoying afternoon refreshments or savoring drinks over a relaxed chat until the early hours.

Neraida Pool Bar: Situated next to the pool serving a wide variety of tropical and fresh fruit juices, sophisticated cocktails and fine wines.

Beach bar: Located next to the Sports Club, this easy-going and very accessible beach bar is perfect for a quick but tasty daytime snack or refreshing drink.

Sail-in Bar: Set sail with a breezy refreshment, light lunch or snack at a bar comfortably located next to the beach in Elounda Bay Palace Hotel. Three giant sails crowning the bar set it apart, as does its tranquil beach atmosphere and deck-like wooden floor. Sail-in welcomes you throughout the day.

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