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  • Prefecture Of Lasithi
    • Area ( 1.823
    • Population (2001): 75.903
    • Population Density(hab/ 42
    • Capital City: Agios Nikolaos
    • Number of Hotels: 255
    • Number of hotel Rooms: 20.270
  • State Tourism Offices
    • Name: Crete Information Office
    • Location: Agios Nikolaos
    • Address: Marina Agiou Nikolaou, - 72100 Agios Nikolaos
    • Telephone: 28410 82384-5, 28410 82386
    • Fax: 28410 82386
  • Tourism Police Stations
    • Name: Tourism Police Station
    • Location: Agios Nikolaos
    • Address: 34, Kontoyianni Street, P.O. Box 721 00 Ag. Nikolaos
    • Telephone: 28410 26900

    • Name: Tourism Police Station(Summer)
    • Location: Sitia
    • Address: 24, Myssonos Street, P.O.Box 723 00 Sitia
    • Telephone: 28430 24200
  • Camping Sites
    • Gournia Moon, Gournia Lasithi Crete, Tel: 28420 93242
    • Koutsounari, Koutsounari Lasithi Crete, Tel: 28420 61213
    • Sissi, Sissi Lasithi Crete, Tel: 28410 71247
  • Domestic Port Authorities
    • City: Agios Nikolaos
    • Category: Navigation Station
    • Tel: 28410 22312
    • VHF Channels: 06,07,08, 12,19

    • City: Ierapetra
    • Category: Port Authority Station
    • Tel: 28420 22294
    • VHF Channels: 12,19

    • City: Sitia
    • Category: Deputy Port Authority
    • Tel: 28430 22310
    • VHF Channels: 12, 19, 32
  • Canyons
    • Name: The Xabga 's Canyon
    • Location: Tzermiado
    • Description: The Havgas Gorge stretches for 40 km at the eastern tip of the plateau, commanding a spectacular view over the entire area. The gorge reaches a depth of 300 m. Two slit rocks form the entrance to an array of caves that were extensively used by Cretan revolutionaries and the Allied forces during the German Occupation. Access is possible via Tzermiado.
  • Caves
    • Name: Milato
    • Location: Milatos
    • Description: Milatos Cave lies in a steep gorge, NA of the village that bears the same name. It has been bound up with the historical events of 1823. Here 3.700 women and children sought refuge after escaping the fierce troops of Hassan Pasha. After a long siege and a forced surrender, they were massacred by the Turks. Stalactites and stalagmites abound in the cave. A chamber in its southern part harbors a chapel wherein a mass is celebrated once a year, on the feast day of Agios Thomas in commemoration of the massacred Cretans.

    • Name: Tzermiado
    • Location: Tzermiado
    • Description: Trapeza or Kronion Cave features stalactites and stalagmites, as well as remains dating to the Neolithic period.
  • Forests
    • Name: Vai
    • Location: Lasithi
    • Description: The area encompasses the palm-tree forest of Crete which has already been designated as an "Aesthetic Forest". The latter is the largest spread of Phoenix theophrasti found on the island, since vegetation of this species in other areas of Crete (approximately 10) occurs sparsely, either in scattered clumps of trees or individually. The Aesthetic Forest of Vai is situated at the eastern tip of Crete adjacent to the seashore, a few kilometers north of the Palaiokastro village. The forest is presently enclosed, encompassing a small spring and a stream whose bed is home to the common oleander (of the genus Nerium). At the eastern end of the forest, towards the seashore, lie sandhills which lend themselves to the growth of palm trees.
      Notes This site is of great significance for the entire Europe, due to its singular character. Nowhere else on the European continent do palms of the Phoenix theophrastii species occur to such a degree of density so as to form a forest. This particular palm is known as one of the two non epigenetic species of the palm family in Europe (the other one occurs in the Canary Islands). The Forest of Vai ranks first among the large palm forests in Greece, and probably in the entire Europe.
      Area 19
  • Diving Centers
    • Name: Vitsentzakis Manolis
    • Location: Sitia
    • Address: Ahladia
    • Telephone: 28430 71543, 28430 71548
    • Diving Area: Kotsolio Bay
    • Diving Centre: 1
    • Diving School: 1
  • Golf Courses
    • Name: Elounda Golf Club
    • Location: Elounda
    • Address: Porto Elounda Mare Kriti
    • Open: 12 months
    • Year: 1997
    • Holes: 9
    • Club House: Yes
    • Area: 25 hectares
  • Mountaineering Clubs
    • Name: Lassithi Alpine & Ski Club
    • Location: Agios Georgios
    • Address: 720 52, Ag. Georgios Lasithi

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