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  • Prefecture Of Rethymno
    • Area ( 1.496
    • Population (2001): 81.781
    • Population Density(hab/ 55
    • Capital City: Rethymno
    • Number of Hotels: 246
    • Number of hotel Rooms: 23.071
  • State Tourism Offices
    • Name: Rethimno Tourism Office
    • Address: Eleftheriou Venizelou - Megaro Lavyrinthos - Paralia Rethymnou - 74100 Rethymno
    • Telephone: 28310 29148
    • Fax: 28310 56350
  • Tourism Police Station
    • Name: Tourism Police Station
    • Location: Rethymno
    • Address: El. Venizelou Street, P.O. Box 741 00 Rethymno
    • Telephone: 28310 28156, 28310 53450
  • Camping Sites
    • Agia Galini, Agia Galini Rethymno Crete, Tel: 28320 91386
    • Apollonia, Plakias Rethymno Crete, Tel: 28320 31507
    • Elizabeth, Missiria Rethymno Crete, Tel: 28310 28694
  • Domestic Port Authorities
    • City: Agia Galini
    • Category: Port Authority Station
    • Tel: 28320 91206
    • VHF Channels: 12

    • City: Rethymno
    • Category: Port Authority
    • Tel: 28310 22276
    • VHF Channels: 12,18
  • Canyons
    • Name: The Canyon
    • Location: Koxare
    • Description: Kourtaliotiko Gorge. This imposing gorge is dotted with springs and caves. When the wind blows, the echo gives rise to hand-clapping sounds (in the local dialect the latter are referred to as kourtala, hence the name of the gorge). The Kourtaliotis River flows through the gorge and debouches into a location adjacent to the Monastery of Preveli. The chapel of Agios Nikolaos nestles in the area. Tradition holds that the springs that exist in this location came gushing forth when the saint's fingers touched the rock, hence the five springs of Kourtaliotis. It is worth climbing down the stone steps that lead to the river to visit them. The small church of Agios Georgios contains a unique rendering of the Holy Trinity in a mural that depicts the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove flying out of the mouth of God.
  • Caves
    • Name: Spileo
    • Location: Rethymno

    • Name: Sfentoni
    • Location: Zoniana
    • Description: Sfentoni Cave, (and not "Sentoni" as it is persistently called by local inhabitants) is one of the most spectacularly beautiful caves, lying near the village of Zoniana at an imposing location, with a modern tourist kiosk. Information: 61 209

    • Name: Melidoni
    • Location: Perama
    • Description: Melidoni Cave (alternatively referred to as Gerospelios or Gerontospelios), is situated 4 km to the NW. Aside from the speleological interest it presents (it contains stalagmites, stalactites and columns), the cave was reportedly a place of worship of the mythical bronze figure of Talos (crafted by Hephaestus), who was revered as the indefatigable Warden of laws in Minoan times. Later, in the Roman age, the cave was given over to the worship of god Hermes. In recent times, its name became associated with one of the most horrific events recorded in the history of Crete. In 1824, hundreds of Cretans from the surrounding villages died tragically inside Gerontospelio where they had sought shelter since 1822 in an attempt to escape the troops of Hassan Pasha. The latter's successor, Hussein Pasha, discovered their hide-out and tried to talk them into surrendering in peace, yet, to no avail. Following their refusal, the mouth of the cave was blocked and a fire was lit, thus, causing the suffocation of 340 women and children and of 30 armed men.
  • Diving Centers
    • Name: Ipocampos
    • Location: Rethymno
    • Address: Bali, Rethymno
    • Telephone: 28340 94193
    • Diving Area: Bali-Panormo Rethymno

    • Name: Paradise Diving Centre
    • Location: Rethymno
    • Address: 73, El. Venizelos
    • Telephone: 28310 53258, 28310 26317
    • Diving Area: Schinaria, Agios Vassilios
    • Diving Centre: 1
    • Diving School: 1
  • Mountaineering Clubs
    • Name: Rethymnon Alpine Club
    • Location: Rethymno
    • Address: 12, Demokratias Street, 741 00 Rethymnon
    • Telephone: 28310 57766
  • Mountain Refuges
    • Name: Stoumbotos Prinos
    • Mountain: Psiloritis
    • Office: Rethymnon Alpine Club
    • Address: Demokratias 12741 00 Rethymno
    • Place: Stoumbotos Prinos or Sopata (1.500 m)
    • Capacity: 50 persons
    • Heat: Fireplace, wood-burning stove
    • Water Supply: Rain-water tank
    • Kitchen: None
    • Toilet: Indoor
    • Telephone: 28310 57766
  • Carnivals
    • Name: Rethymno's Carnival
    • Location: Rethymno
    • Description: Since 1960, Carnival at Rethymno, bring back the good old days. The troubadours with their guitars and mandolins reminisce old melodies and songs. Every year a hidden treasure, waits to be discovered by the groups of people. The groups in disguise will pass through the Great Gate and they will dance in the streets of the Small and Great Markets, to the music of the town band. The parade will end up in the Square of Four Martyrs where dancing will continue until dawn. The Official Carnival Farewell, takes place right after the Great Parade and ends up at the central Square. At the same day, the local carnival organizers sail on a venician gondola inviting the citizens of Hania and Heraklion to join in the Carnival of Rethymnon. On Ash Monday, in the traditional villages of Merona and Melidoni people keep the traditional carnival customs such us the kidnapping of the bride, the Kantis, they throw soot on each other and of course dance, sing, eat and drink, accompanied by the merry sound of the Cretan lyra.
    • Carnival Office: Tel.: 28310 50740, 28310 22245

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